Writing A Movie Analysis.

Your assignment is to write a 750-word analytical movie evaluation over a movie on the AFI’s Top 100 Inspirational Films.

In the introduction, provide the production facts of the movie, such as when it was produced; producer & director; major actors; awards; financial success; screenwriter. Document the source of this information with an in text citation and an entry on the works cited page.   Provide a brief plot summary in 4-5 sentences.  Conclude the introduction with a thesis statement, revealing two or three characteristics of the film that create its inspirational quality or with a description of two or three scenes that create the inspirational quality of the movie.

In the body, develop two or three major sections of thought and in each of these discuss the element that increased the inspirational value of the movie, such as the plot; casting; acting; musical score; cinematography; based on true story; theme.  Or discuss two or three scenes that create the inspirational quality of the movie.  If you did not find the film inspirational, you can discuss what is lacking in the movie.

In the conclusion, provide a “pitch” for audience to see or not see the film.  Include information regarding its appropriateness for different types of audiences.

You may write this essay in first person.  Document any source you used with the MLA style.

Writing A Movie Analysis



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