Why did he propse that law should be “King of America”?.

The road to the American Revolution was long and arduous and the question as to why British citizens living in the colonies decided to take that step is a complex one.

Thomas Paine wrote his pamphlet “Common Sense” to influence Americans towards independence.

The Declaration of Independence is the landmark document that announced to the world the British colonies would be free.

John Locke was one of the great political philosophers in history. His 2nd Treatise of Government is a landmark document in political thinking that challenged the rights of the King in relationship to the people.

Listed are several political documents that need to be read and reviewed. Also listed are links to sites that have these documents. Based on you reading of these documents, book, notes, etc. answer the following questions. The answers for all of questions should be a combined total of at least four full pages. Follow all guidelines as stated in the format sheet posted online.

  • How did Paine use the concepts of equality, reason, and nature to criticize the legitimacy of monarchical government and British control of the colonies? What arguments does Paine give for independence? Why did he propse that law should be “King of America”?
  • What is the primary complaint listed in the Declaration of Independence? (Do not simply restate the list of grievances.) What is the significance of the Declaration of Independence? Why did the writers of the Declaration focus all the blame on King George rather than Parliament?
  •  Did John Locke’s 2nd Treatise of Government support the Declaration of Independence? State the reasons for your opinion.

In answering these questions, do NOT simply use long passages from the readings.

Why did he propse that law should be “King of America”?



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