Why are formal and informal proposals written? . Write a short  essay per question  and be sure that the writing text for this assignment meets the APA format requirements and if a source of reference is used to answer the assignment it should be referenced APA as well with the in-text.. 

1.  Why are formal and informal proposals written? 

2.  Why do government agencies make requests for proposals (RFPs)


3.  Why might you use a “hook” in a proposal, and what is an example? 

4.  What should be highlighted in the staffing section of a proposal?

5.  In what two ways do formal and informal proposals differ?

6.  Name eight components of typical business plans. 

7.  What should a business plan mission statement include and how long should it be?

8.  Why are formal reports written in business? Give an original example of a business related formal report. 

9.  What is a letter or memorandum of transmittal, and what should it include? (Obj. 4)

10. How long should a typical executive summary be? 

11.  Describe how to write an executive summary for a formal business report.  

12. What should be included in the introduction to a formal report?  (

13. What should the writer strive to do in the body of a formal report?  (

14. Why must writers list their sources and identify them in the text? ()

15. In your view, what are six of the most important tips for the writer of a formal report? Explain each of your choices.

Why are formal and informal proposals written? 



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