What was Ronald Reagan’s view of the Federal Government?.

What was Ronald Reagan’s view of the Federal Government?


REQUIRED READINGS: American YAWP Chapter 29. Due Thursday, April 30 at 5pm.

Primary Sources: 

First Inaugural Address of Ronald Reagan (1981)

Jerry Falwell on the “Homosexual Revolution” (1981)

Statements from The Parents Music Resource Center (1985)

Pat Buchanan on the Culture War (1992)

Phyllis Schlafly on Women’s Responsibility for Sexual Harassment (1981)

QUIZ 12:  Short Answer Quiz.  Answer each question in a few sentences using only the primary sources. Please use direct quotes from the sources!

  1.  What was Ronald Reagan’s view of the Federal Government?  What did he tell the American people he wanted to do with the Federal Government?
  2. How did Jerry Falwell feel about homosexuality?  How did he justify his beliefs?  Why were homosexuals dangerous according to Falwell?
  3. What were some of the issues that the PMRC had against rock music?  What kind of musicians/bands did they single out to attack for their lyrics and content?
  4. When Pat Buchanan discussed the “culture wars” what did he mean?  What prominent Democratic politician did he attack and why?  What issues did Buchanan support?
  5. How did Phyllis Schlafly feel about sexual harassment in the workplace?  Do you agree with her point of view?  Why or why not?

What was Ronald Reagan’s view of the Federal Government?



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