What is the legal age of marriage?.

  Indonesia Marriage, Divorce, Family Planning, Domestic Violence

Answer these questions in detail. Max 4 pages.

  1. What is the legal age of marriage? Average marriage age for females vs. males? Presence of cohabitation? Births to single women?
  2. What is the divorce rate? Which are the procedures to obtain a divorce?
  3. In terms of family planning, consider issues like: Are there laws protecting women’s rights to choose an abortion? Which are the most common contraceptive methods used for family planning? Are abortions legal?  Is sex education taught at schools? Does the government provide family planning services?
  4. Which laws have been approved in your selected country to protect women against domestic violence? Are these laws enforced?  Which statistics are available on domestic violence? On rape? On prostitution?  On female genital mutilation?
  5. Any other relevant issues?

What is the legal age of marriage?



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