What does inventories/sales ratio mean? .

Everyone: Summarize at least three factors that make one industry / firm more likely to outsource than others. Back up your position with facts / examples. (100 words)

Everyone: Explain contract manufacturing and find one company that does it. What are the benefits and costs? (100 words)


Everyone: Compare and contrast Just in time and Just in case. (100-150 words)

Everyone: Make sense and answer questions of the slide on Monthly Retail Sales and Inventories, U.S.,1992‐2018 (150 words)

Question 1: What does inventories/sales ratio mean?

Question 2: Why are they going down?

There are two types of drivers when it comes to filling up the tank as shown in my PPT slide on inventory trade‐offs. (find the attachments for the PPT slides) total 100 words

1. Discuss in (quantitative) details the costs and benefits of Type A drivers.

2. Discuss in (quantitative) details the costs and benefits of Type B drivers.

What does inventories/sales ratio mean? 



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