What are the different forms of advertising?.

Advertising is one of the most common forms of visual persuasion we encounter in everyday life. The influence of advertising in our society is persuasive and subtle. Part of its power comes from our habit of internalizing the intended messages of words and images without thinking deeply about them. Once we begin decoding the ways in which advertisements are constructed, once we view them critically, we can understand how, or if, they work as arguments. We may then make better decisions about whether to buy products and what factors convinced us or failed to convince us.

What are the different forms of advertising?

Modern media comes in many different formats, including print media (books, magazines, newspapers), television, movies, video games, music, cell phones, various kinds of software, and the Internet. Each type of media involves both content and also a device or object through which that content is delivered.


As a team you are going to Review Chapter 4: Visual Rhetoric:  Thinking About Images as Arguments. You will be assigned a Section of the Chapter (written, visual, unfit, political, caricature, photography-maps graphs charts ) and as a Team you willResearch the content of that Chapter Area (you will see topic page overlap )   and implement the following:  You will look at and interpret a media campaign or advertisement. Focus on social or ethical aspects  * Seek to find one or more of the FALLACY TYPES identified Chapter 9 pages 363- 380. Include this information in your findings.  Consider and incorporate as many of the following 16 categories :

  1. The objectives:                                        What role does the ad play in the economy?
  2. The audience:               Is it targeted to a group that could be considered vulnerable?
  3. Effectiveness:                           Does it promote something that is socially desirable?
  4. Role in marketing mix:                            What role does the ad play in the economy?
  5. Image, product differentiation and branding:                             Is the ad misleading?
  6. Other promotion factors
  7. The unique selling proposition.
  8. The basis for the appeal(s).
  9.  How would you make improvements?
  10. The creative philosophy
  11. The slogan
  12. Secondary or supporting points or claims
  13. The tone or mood and manner:                                                Is the ad misleading?
  14. Type of presenter
  15. The motivational appeal:          Does it promote something that is socially desirable?
  16. Executional style
  • Each TEAM will develop a 15 minute class presentation about their researched area. You have options to use power points, maps, videos, and other resources that will help educate your audience about your research.
  • Your Presentation should include:
  1. A Power Point, the media piece or some type of visual presentation~~
  2. A Question and Answer {Q & A} & Interactive session, quiz, role play, etc …

What are the different forms of advertising?



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