What are the characteristics of Progressivism?.

What are the characteristics of Progressivism?

“Although ‘Progressive’ is often used interchangeably with ‘Liberal’ the two are not synonymous. Progressivism was a style or method of governing rather than a political ideology, and some Progressive movements even included conservative ideas, intolerance, and discrimination.”

1.Explain this statement. What are the characteristics of Progressivism?

2.How/why can some Progressives (such as Theodore Roosevelt) and reform measures (such as business regulation and social justice legislation) be considered fundamentally conservative?

3.What is Jim Crow, and how/why was it related to the Progressive movement [be sure to explain what specifically Jim Crow entailed, and how/why it was considered “progressive”]?

Use specific information to support your answer.

What are the characteristics of Progressivism?



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