Top Social Network Sites – Turning Text into a Visual element.

General Guidelines:

·  Your visual elements should draw on data from sources (research is required);

·  However, visuals may not be copied and pasted into your assignment.  The task here is to demonstrate your ability to create visuals.

·  Be sure to follow the general guidelines for creating visual elements stated in the reading.

Part I:  Visual 1:  Top Social Network Sites – Turning Text into a Visual element

1.  Review the 21 Top Social Media Sites for businesses to consider for brand reach.

2.  Using the text for the first 10 sites (Facebook – TikTok), create a visual (Chart, graph, or table).

a.  Choose an appropriate visual format and display the data.  It is your choice to decide what data you wish to display.  For instance, the article identifies the user volume, but there is also description of each media site: photo and video sharing, text, images, videos, live videos & stories, video-sharing platform, or messaging app.  Exercise your creativity.

Part II.  Visual 2: Placement of visuals – finding and visuals into text.

1.  For this part of the assignment, you will find and insert visual elements that enhance the text. You will be using text from a book from the Open Textbook Library.

2.  Download and use The Project Life Cycle Phases.  The four stages of a project life cycle are identified and described

3.  Create a visual to go with the text that shows the four stages of the project life cycle

4.  Insert at least two pictures from Creative Commons into the text that enhance the discussion.

Part III: Visual III:  Create a visual from text and include pictures

1.  Review the 15 Top Cloud Computer Service Provider Companies and develop a visual.

2.  Choose any of the data to create a visual element (chart, table, and graph).

3.  Your visual should be in a format appropriate to the text you selected.

Format requirements:

·  One-inch (1”) margins

·  Submit one document

Assignment checklist:

·  Parts I, II III– visuals should follow guidelines for creating ethical visuals and format should be appropriate to the data presented.

·  Proofread and spell check your work

Top Social Network Sites – Turning Text into a Visual element



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