three great Islamic Empires  expanded their power and territory. Beginning during the fifteenth century, three great Islamic Empires  expanded their power and territory, building impressive states across  the Middle East and India.  These empires, the Ottoman Empire, Safavid  Empire, and Mughal Empire, had much in common, but they also had many  unique characteristics which defined and separated them.

For this essay assignment, you will be compare and contrast any two of these Islamic Empires, discussing similarities and differences between. Begin by selecting which of the two empires you will include in your essay and then start researching them. DO NOT use Wikipedia as a source. As always, be sure to keep track of where you find your information so that you can provide citations in your final essay.

As you study the two empires you have selected, there are numerous possible topics that you can consider for the comparison and contrast in the essay. Here are some possible topics:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the empires
  • Economic policy
  • Military system
  • Wars and conquests
  • Form of government and/or administration
  • The greatest rulers of each empire (compare them)
  • Religious system and policies
  • Problems faced in the empire
  • Interactions between the empires, if any

Once your research is complete and you are ready to begin writing,  your essay should be carefully organized.  In your introduction,  introduce both of the empires that you will be discussing and lay out  the topic for the essay.  The body of the essay will include the  comparison and the contrast of the empires.  Conclude by discussing  which of the two empires you think was more effectively established or  had a stronger foundation, including the reasons why you reached this conclusion.

three great Islamic Empires  expanded their power and territory



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