the Tao of Physics and The Universe in a Single Atom. In the two extremely popular books, the Tao of Physics and The Universe in a Single Atom, the authors — a physicist and the leader of a major Buddhist religious group — grapple with the ways in which 20th-century quantum physics is similar to ancient Buddhist metaphysics. In your essay, please explain context and purpose of those two books. In what ways were the two authors’ purposes similar and different? What was the readership (or likely readership) of the two books? Why do you think this topic was so engaging to those readers?

In terms of content, do Capra and the Dalai Lama agree about the characterization of the Eastern and Western worldviews? Give some examples to demonstrate your point. Why do you think they believed that physics (old or new) was so important to those worldviews?

You essay should be between 750 and 1000 words. (I don’t care about exact word count, but I will start to pay attention if the essay is very long or very short). You should use primarily sources from this class. Please cite all clearly.

the Tao of Physics and The Universe in a Single Atom



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