the revolution of 1848″ by Karl Marx.  

An essay by definition makes a persuasive argument using evidence.

6 pages essay, 1.5 spaced and 12 font.

there is a discussion questions you can read them and build the essay on it.

see the attachment.

the assignment topic is;

Class: Class warfare is what history actually is, Karl Marx suggests; the upper class exploits, the lower is exploited, and the middle is stuck in between.  Based on your life experiences, your understanding of what is happening in the world today, and our readings, write an essay suggesting a possible solution to this chronic social problem.

MLA style.

The books is “the revolution of 1848” by Karl Marx, I did upload the book in the attachment with there discussion questions.

Also don’t forget to include the reference and include the page number if you quote.


the revolution of 1848″ by Karl Marx



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