The Epic of Gilgamesh. Essay Prompt:

In 500-750 words, discuss the ways that any one of the following sources reflects the historical circumstances in which it was produced.

-Plato’s Symposium

-The Hebrew Scriptures, Genesis 6:1-15; Genesis 17:1-12; Exodus 20:1-20

-The Epic of Gilgamesh

Choose one of these sources and situate it in its total historic context. The best way to approach this essay to summarize the concerns of the text, then point to the concerns of the people who produced it. You may find it very helpful to discuss the date and location of the text’s creation, as well as the political, religious, geographic, and economic issues faced by the people who lived at that time and place. You should quote from the text in order to demonstrate how certain salient moments in the text reflect the context of the population that produced it. To fill out the context, you may consult your class text book, The West, and class notes. But you should not rely on any outside sources for this essay, only sources assigned in class. Please note: if you decide to consult outside sources for this essay, they must be cited or their use will be considered an act of plagiarism, i.e. a failure to identify the original source of words or ideas. All acts of plagiarism will be penalized with failure of the assignment in a grade of 0.

Keep in mind: Your essay should have a thesis statement that sums up the main points that you will explore throughout. Your essay should also include textual evidence that serves to back up or demonstrate your points. For assistance in the crafting and editing of your essay, you may find it very helpful to consult with the writing tutors in the history department.

**I would like for you to use the Epic of Gilgamesh. I think it is the easiest to work with. I need it to be done by tomorrow @ 3pm est. It is a small paper so it should not take long.**

The Epic of Gilgamesh



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