The CEO’s personal and professional background.

It is highly recommended you use the course textbook by Jones & George (2020), as a source when referring to the management concepts when you are writing your paper, in addition to the three required journal articles and professional sources found in the Online Keiser Library, and other professional sources.

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the Week 4 Paper assignment guidelines, instructions, and rubric. There are also instructions provided in the APA 7th ed. format paper template. All instructions are very well-detailed and will help you understand each component of the paper, so you can successfully meet the requirements and optimize your success in this course.

Please note it is required to include an Introduction and Summary.

There are three main components in this assignment and they should be used as your APA Level 1 Topic Headings in your paper:

  • The CEO’s personal and professional background
  • Management Style and Skills
  • Research about why this person is (or is not) such an effective manager/leader

The focus of your paper and the majority of the content should include the management concepts you learned in this course, so please provide well-detailed, comprehensive information regarding the CEO’s management/leadership style(s) and skills and why this person is (or is not) such and effective leader.

Please include only relevant information regarding the CEO’s personal and professional background that correlates to and supports their management style and skills and why the CEO is (or is not) an effective leader. Please do not not include in-depth personal information about the CEO’s parents, spouse, and children. 

I have also posted announcements throughout this course with helpful information regarding APA 7th ed. format and I provided Easy Online Keiser Library step-by-step instructions. It is required you include a minimum of three (3) journal articles and professional sources from the Online Keiser Library in addition to the course textbook and other professional websites. Please review these announcements and include these required sources.

Please use the APA 7th ed. Format Paper Template provided for your Week 4 Final Paper to optimize your success for this assignment. The template can also be found in the assignment guidelines. You can just type your information in this template and upload it in the assignment submission which is located in Week 4 in the course menu on the left sidebar.

  • It is required your paper is submitted on a Microsoft Word document. All other formats are not accepted. Please do not submit your paper in PDF format.

Please utilize the APA 7th ed. format resources in the Getting Started tab titled: ‘Business Writing and Research APA Formatting Videos’ to learn correct APA format for citing your sources and writing your references. Providing correct APA 7th ed. format for your citations and references is required.

Please note Wikipedia, Wiki websites, Blogs,, encyclopedias, dictionaries, essays, videos, online books, other books, newspapers, and other students’ papers found online are not accepted sources. Using essays and other students’ papers found online and copying information from sources is plagiarism and will result in a zero (0) grade for your assignment. Please research your own sources and provide your own cited paraphrased or summarized information in your paper. Your papers will be automatically submitted to SafeAssign so please be sure to paraphrase or summarize the information you use from your sources in your own words rather than copying and pasting information directly from your sources. All paraphrased or summarized information from sources is required to be cited using APA 7th ed. format in-text citations from the sources and all sources are required to be listed on your Reference page in correct APA 7th ed. format.

The CEO’s personal and professional background



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