Stranger than Fiction? movie. Stranger than Fiction? movie

  1. What are the main plot points of the story in the movie  Stranger than Fiction? List and discuss
    • set up (exposition)
    • inciting incident
    • some events of the rising action
    • some conflicts, stakes, obstacles
    • climax
    • resolution
  2. Your text mentions how this movie has multiple narrators (118). What narrators do you see in this movie, and which one would you characterize as the primary narrator? Why? Do you think the screenwriter’s choice of this narrative style is effective? Why or why not?
  3. Describe Karen Eiffel’s personality and/or life and how she changes as the movie progresses.  What motivates her?  What does she learn?  In what ways is she a different person at the end?
  4. The movie deals with the relationship between reality and fiction.  Describe and discuss some of the events or elements in the story that refer to that relationship.
  5. How would the movie be different if Karen Eiffel had killed Harold Crick at the end, as she did in the original draft of her novel?

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Stranger than Fiction? movie



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