Should all army weapon be ban ?.

  • o plagiarism
  • Length: 2000 words at a bare minimum; no maximum
  • MLA paper format
  • In-text citations, using signal phrases and page numbers
  • Synthesis (as we have studied, not one source at a time, but putting sources in conversation–sources can confirm, complement, complicate, or contradict each other. See Norton,  Chapter 50.   See especially the sample on pages 520-521, noting that  the writer pulls together multiple sources in a paragraph and even in a  single sentence (but realize that we are using MLA in-text citation, not the system of citation used in that article).
  • No plagiarism, whether or not intentional (including patch writing)
  • Use of scholarly sources: all sources must come from the library  databases. You must specifically use in text and cite at least 10  sources.
  • Correct, clear, and elegant writing (Links to an external site.)
  • Cohesion (Links to an external site.) and unity

Should all army weapon be ban ?



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