SEXUAL SAFETY. For this assignment, you will design a public health outreach program/informational sheet on the topic of SEXUAL SAFETY. You must focus on educating the public, providing resources, and even prevention efforts. Write a paper stating what you would do.  This is your chance to be creative.  You must identify a target audience for your campaign and provide sources for the information you provide.

Assignments will be graded on the following criteria

  • Clear target audience (e.g. Students, teens, women, etc.): 5 points
  • Accuracy of information: 15 points
  • Quality of paper (writing is free of errors/audio is clear): 15 points:
  • Feasibility of your campaign and identification of resources needed to carry out your program)10 point
  • Sources are identified: 5 points
  • creativeness: 10 points




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