requirements about safety of the environment..

  1. Name 2 requirements about safety of the environment.  10ANCAC09.0601
  2. What are at least 5 items that are deemed has potentially hazardous and must be inaccessible to children?  10ANCAC09.0604
  3. Explain the rule about smoking in the child care facility.  10ANCAC09.0604
  4. How often must the indoor and outdoor premises be checked for debris, vandalism and broken equipment?  10ANCAC09.0604
  5. How often must fire drills be performed?  10ANCAC09.0604
  6. How often must a playground safety checklist be completed?  10A NCA C09 .0605
  7. When is an incident report required?  10A NCAC 09 .0802
  8. In order to administer any non-prescription or over-the-counter medication, name three things that are required. 10A NCAC 09 .0803
  9. Name 4 requirements for administering prescribed medications to children. 10A NCAC 09 .0803
  10. When can a parent access the child care center, his or her child is enrolled in? 10A NCAC 09 .0205

requirements about safety of the environment.



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