public decision making.

public decision making

DUE SAT 4/3 – Part I. 200 words each with 1 reference

A. Citizen engagement in public administration is important. During the budget process what techniques/questions would you use to gain citizen engagement?

B. Describe an issue a city would face (infrastructure, budgeting, self-driving cars). Discuss alternative solutions to that issue. Discuss why you believe the alternatives would be best for the problem. Include citations for your solutions.

DUE MON 4/5 – Part II. 500 words – Policy Memo

You have been asked to prepare a memo on a policy. Your memo must outline the policy in a concise and clear manner. In one-page, create a memo that contains the following:

  1. A background of the issue
  2. A discussion about other alternatives for the issue
  3. A financial analysis
  4. Evidence based recommendations for action

public decision making



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