profit organization and non-profit organization.

Q. Discuss any similarities and differences in the presentation of financial statements between profit organization, cooperative and non-profit organization. You may support your answer with illustrations.

MFRS (Malaysian accounting standards)

Read the following articles:

Mohamad, M., Otheman, I.W., & Mohamed, A. (2013). Accountability Issues and Challenges: The scenario for Malaysian cooperative movement. International Journal of Social, Behavioral, Educational, economic, Business and Industrial Engineering, 7(6), 1503-1508.

Roslan, N., Arshad, R., & Mohd Pauzi, N.F. (2017). Accountability and governance reporting by non-profit organizations. SHS Web of Conference, 36, 1-15.

check for turnitin zero similarities

answer in three pages including the illustrations

profit organization and non-profit organization



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