Process Essay.

Process Essay

You may often need to explain to someone else how to do something, either by writing or speaking the directions. That person expects to be provided with information in order to complete the task, but if you do not give the steps correctly or give them in the wrong order, the results can be less than satisfying, This includes when others give you directions. For example, have you ever baked something that did not turn out quite right? Have you ever bought something, put it together, and it did not look like the picture? Or worse still, you had extra parts and pieces left over?

The process essay tells readers how to do something or explains how something works. Drafting a process essay is a great way for writers to learn how to arrange their ideas logically and to use transitional words effectively.

For this Discussion Board assignment, choose something you know how to do well, and then try your hand at writing instructions for someone else to follow. Pick something other than a baking/cooking recipe.

Download this template to help you complete this assignment. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Using the template, draft the steps needed to complete the process. Your instructions should have six to 10 steps.
  2. Write the directions in essay form by developing groups of steps as paragraphs. Use transitional words to begin new sentences and new paragraphs so that your reader understands how the steps progress.
  3. Post your completed instructions to the DB so that your peers can try to complete the process, and ask them to report back to you on the outcome.  (remember: no cooking or baking recipes!).
  4. Your instructions should be two to three paragraphs in length.

NOTE: If you have trouble choosing a theme, consider explaining how to do one of the following (remember, no recipes):

  • Use a filter in Snapchat
  • Post a picture on Instagram
  • Use “Track Changes” in Word
  • Submit an assignment to Smarthinking for tutoring help
  • Complete an exercise activity
  • Prepare and submit a Discussion Board Main Post or response to a classmate

Process Essay



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