peer reviews.

Reply Prompt: To complete your peer reviews, select 2 of your group members’ research paper drafts to evaluate. After reading each draft, thoroughly answer the questions below with 400–500 words per review. You must provide thoughtful and constructive feedback for each classmate, with the goal of helping him/her produce the best possible final draft while acknowledging that your respective positions on the issue may differ.

When posting each reply, identify your classmate in the title (e.g. Peer Review of Anne Brown’s Paper). Post your Peer Reviews within your assigned group’s Discussion Board by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday.

Note: The Peer Review Discussion Board may be accessed through your own Group link via the Group Discussion Forum tab.

Peer Review Questions/Criteria:

Paper Identification:

1. Paper Title and Author.

2. What is the specific research question addressed in this paper?

General Composition:

3. Is a clear thesis statement provided in the opening paragraph?

4. Is the paper logically organized, with clear transitions from one key point to the next?

5. Are claims sufficiently supported by valid evidence and logical reasoning?

6. Has the writer avoided most Basic Writing Errors discussed in the course?

7. Is the paper properly formatted in current Turabian Author-Date style?


8. Does the author treat the opposing arguments surrounding his/her chosen topic objectively? Identify any need for improvement.

9. Has the author avoided first and second person perspective and opinionated language throughout the paper? Identify any need for improvement.

Scholarship and Biblical Integration:

10. Which of the author’s sources seem to provide the most relevant background or supporting information (identify 2 or 3)? Are additional sources or data needed to support any specific claims or observations? Explain.

11. How well does the author seem to employ his/her own research and reasoning to advance the topic?

12. Has the author directly or indirectly applied biblical principles in addressing the topic? Explain.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

13. What are the primary strengths of this paper? Be specific.

14. What are the primary weaknesses of this paper, if any? Be specific.

Additional Comments and Recommendations:

15. Provide any additional comments that may be helpful to the author.

peer reviews



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