Module 5 Assignment: Quantitative Methods assignment. .

For this Research Roundtable, you will share the quantitative method(s) you plan to use for your research.

Your instructor will give you feedback about the method you select to use in Module 5 Assignment: Quantitative Methods assignment.

Share & Discuss

For this activity you will:

  1. State your Research Topic, Objective/Purpose, and Research Question(s).
  2. List and label the dependent and independent variables.
  3. State the null and alternate hypotheses.
  4. Describe which quantitative methods could be used to address your research question(s). Describe any that could be applied.

Once you have shared these elements in this discussion forum, explore what your classmates have shared. There may be quantitative methods you had not considered or found yourself. In turn, make suggestions to others about possible methods they may find helpful. This is a great opportunity to discuss, challenge, or question each other’s quantitative methods!

Module 5 Assignment: Quantitative Methods assignment. 



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