Mission Analysis within the MDMP..

Purpose: To facilitate your understanding and application of Mission Analysis within the MDMP.

Assignment Instructions: Prepare a Mission Analysis briefing that shows your understanding of steps one and two of the MDMP ( See FM 6-0 attached) Brief the content and information involved in your presentation to a CSM/SGM.

This is a military information briefing. See Rub attached for oral communication assessment.

Requirements: This is an information briefing, not a reading. Students will not read their slides.  The presentation will consist of 6 to 10 slides (including Title Slide, Agenda, Conclusion, & References).

Students may use up to two other visual aids such as maps and diagrams if desired. The presentation will describe steps one and two of the MDMP. Students must display a clear understanding of key principles using real-world examples.

Mission Analysis within the MDMP.



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