language or literacy development..

At ABC Early Learning, you are a curriculum specialist who works with all age groups. To support your team, you need to develop and implement an original assessment tool that will provide a better understanding of where their children stand with language or literacy development.

InstructionsPart1: Choose a focus – language use or literacy skills. In a Word document, develop an original assessment tool which measures and evaluates your chosen focus. The tool should include the following:

  • Measurements of the child’s language use or literacy skills
  • A minimum of five (5) indicators

Part 2: Use your tool to observe a child from one of the following age groups: Toddlers (2-3 years), Preschool-age (3-5 years) or Young School-age (6-8 years). Perform the following: Give the child a name.

  • Assess one child for a minimum of 10 minutes during a literacy or language-heavy activity and make observation notes using your original assessment tool.
  • Write a 1-2-page developmental goals document that includes the following:
  • Description of the child’s age, any developmental attributes, and the setting.
  • Based on the results of your observation, write three (3) achievable DAP goals for the child’s language or literacy development.
  • For each goal, suggest a developmentally appropriate activity which might be best suited to support that goal.

NOTE: If you are unable to observe a child in one of the age groups, choose one of the videos below to observe instead.Infants with Teacher Call and ResponseDrawing from a Photograph Submission RequirementsBe sure to use professional language, spelling, and punctuation on all documents. Submit one zipped (compressed) file that contains the following: 3 separate documents/files

  • Original assessment tool – blank
  • Original assessment tool – complete with observation notes
  • Developmental goals document

For assistance with creating a zipped (compressed) file, please visit the Rasmussen FAQ: How to Zip Files.

language or literacy development.



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