Kitchen Aid .

Topic:  Kitchen Aid

Thesis: explain the use of one of my favorite household small appliances, the kitchen aid, and will provide a demonstration of how to utilize things around using my Kitchen Aid.


Julia Wohlfarth, “The KitchenAid: Shared Cultural Nostalgia for Past Ideas of Progress,” The Coalition of master’s Scholars on Material Culture, February 12, 2021.

POWER, M., DOHERTY, B., SMALL, N., TEASDALE, S., & PICKETT, K. (2017). All in it Together? Community Food Aid in a Multi-Ethnic Context. Journal of Social Policy, 46(3), 447-471.

Cory Baldwin, How the KitchenAid Stand Mixer Achieved Icon Status; The much loved kitchen essential has remained a powerful symbol of domesticity for a century.

Complete Sentence Outline: Use complete sentences for each Roman numeral, Arabic number, and letter (capital and lower case). Follow the standard outline format provided in our Speaking Assignments tab “Speaking Notes Format Guide.”   – Roman numerals indicate the three main parts—I. Introduction; II. Body; III. Conclusion.   – Capital letters indicate the main points—A. , B., C., etc.   – Arabic numbers with parentheses indicate the sub points—1), 2), 3), etc.   – Lower case letters with parentheses indicate supporting material —a), b), c), etc.It is not necessary to extend your outline beyond lower case letters for this assignment.

  • Oral (Verbal/Vocal) Citations: (Two are required) A      Verbal Citation is a statement that you speak in order to provide      attribution for information you use in your speech—that means you tell      your audience where your research is coming from. You attribute your      sources in order to add credibility to your presentation and to avoid      plagiarism.  See the document Tips for Verbal (Vocal/Oral)      Citations (found      in the Speaking Assignments tab–the Orange Sheet from class).  You      must create two “very best” quality Verbal Citations for      this speech.  You      are required to write your Oral Citation in YOUR speaking      outline so that you are sure you state the citation correctly.
  • Internal References:(Two are      required)An Internal Reference is brief restatement of a Verbal Citation      made by simply stating the name of the article/ book/ website/ interview +      the author/association/ organization as you cite a new piece of      information from a source you have already verbally cited.  Internal      references are written in your outline with parentheses ( ) around      the source.In other words, once you have used a Verbal Citation, you use      an Internal Reference to indicate that you citing new information from the      previously stated citation. This means if you state additional information      from a source that you have already verbally cited, you simply use an      Internal Reference in your outline to indicate the repeated source.
  • All assignment documents, other      than PowerPoint presentations, must be submitted as a Word doc.      or Word docx. If I cannot open your document, I      cannot grade it or provide you any points for your work.

Other reminders:

  • The attire is business–unless your clothing is part of your      demonstration (no bare feet).
  • Use computer generated slides to help explain the steps in your      process or procedure.
  • Use product supplies or materials for your demonstration.

Your Works Cited:  You may use and to help create your citations.  Be sure you select MLA when you generate your citation.  Here’s a short video created by our librarians on using Noodle Bib.

Your Organization:  Your speech will have an introduction, body, and conclusion.  You may have 3-5 main points in the body of your speech.  You must have two oral citations (spoken) and two two internal references (denoted in your outline) and MLA formatted Works Cited  section at the end of your outline.

Outline Requirement: You must submit a complete sentence outline—if I read your outline aloud, I would “hear” your speech. Use the complete sentence outline to create your speaking outline. Your speaking outline is a briefer version of your complete sentence outline that is condensed down to key words and phrases that will help jog your memory as you speak. Use highlighters to provide visual cues on your speaking outline.

Visual Aid Requirement: For this speech, you must use some form of computer generated visual aid. This means that you need to create some PowerPoint or Prezi slides that support your speech, AND you must show these slides during your speech.  If you are recording your speech, you must display the computer screen so your audience can see it, AND you must send me copies of your slides with your outline.  This will allow me to see the slides while I listen to your recorded presentation.

 Kitchen Aid 



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