Job with Overall Healthcare Leadership Goal.

The instruction is listed below. Must follow the instruction carefully. I will provide the information that is needed to get you started however, be sure to elaborate on the details due to each section asking for a brief description why.



APA 7th Edition
APA Formatted Cover Page
APA Formatted Leadership Style and Scope of Final Project Report
APA Formatted Reference Page: Include at least 2 APA references from the course content or UMGC library with correlating in-text citations.


Your Leadership Style: Justify your present leadership style based on weekly reading resources. Offer information on your selected leadership style that you want to master and explain why.

My leadership style is Theory Y. My selected leadership style is Theory Z. 


  • Current Role or Job with Overall Healthcare Leadership Goal: Please share your current role or job, and if you work in a healthcare setting, please state the type of healthcare setting you work in currently. Discuss your role in terms of managerial functions and leadership. If you work in another industry, please share your current industry or work experience and the role. Discuss it in terms of managerial functions and leadership. If you currently do not have professional experience, think about a role you play in your everyday life and discuss it in terms of managerial functions and leadership.

-My current role is a Phlebotomist for a major company drawing blood, yes I work in healthcare I work in out patient. My role in terms of leadership functions are:

-order supplies

-learn/ teach new systems

-enter data into systems

-practice proper patient identification

-label vials with patients name and date of birth

-centrifuge blood samples

-expect a large number of patients ranging in age

-always be friendly

Select Your Future Role in 3-5 YearsPlease share your desired future role in 3-5 years and explain why you would like to have this role.

The role I selected is: Laboratory Manager

Select Your Future Healthcare Setting in 3-5 Years: Please share your desired future healthcare setting within 3-5 years and briefly explain why this healthcare setting is your selected choice.

The healthcare I selected is: Laboratory services

Job with Overall Healthcare Leadership Goal



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