Is the President Too Powerful?.

Is the President Too Powerful?

Discuss Presidential power. Based on this week’s readings, do you think the office of the U.S. presidency is too powerful? Why or why not? Be specific. Thinking about the legacy of the Trump presidency, what is one way that you think President Trump changed the institution? How do you evaluate this change?

Remember to meet or exceed the 250-word minimum and to comment on at least one other student’s posting.

Background Materials

1.  OpenStax American  Government, Chapter 12

2.  Video: CBS News, Rewriting the Limits of Presidential Power.

3.  Michael Nelson. “Neustadt’s ‘Presidential Power’ at 50.” (The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 28, 2010)

4.  Christina Pazzanese, “Reining in growing powers of the presidency (Links to an external site.).” (Harvard Gazette, November 2020).

5.  New York Times, “The Twitter Presidency.” (November 2, 2019)

Is the President Too Powerful?



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