How would you solve China’s population problem?.

China has been the world’s most populous state for many centuries, and during the population explosion of the 20th century it was also one of the fastest growing.  As a result, China embarked on a vigorous population-control program that imposed a one child limit per couple.  Enforced by sometimes draconian methods, this policy had the desired effect:  by the mid-1980s China’s annual population growth was down to 1.2%, and by 2012 the rate had dipped to just 0.47 % (less than half the worldwide average of 1.2%).
The one child policy had its desired economic impact, but its other results were less salutary.  China is a dominantly patriarchal society, where male children are much preferred; rates of female fetus abortion, infanticide, and abandonment skyrocketed, resulted in a gender imbalance that raises concern for the future.  What about future brides and mothers?
Also, China has an aging population as its proportion of youngsters shrank while the older age mushroomed.  Is there going to be a sufficient number of workers in the younger age groups to support the ever-expanding older population?  China might grow old before it grows rich.
As a result China changed it’s policy in 2015 and is now allowing couples to have up to 2 children.

How would you solve China’s population problem?  Would you limit each couple to have 2 children and mandate they abort any others above that number, go back to the previous 1 child per couple policy or risk over population and put no limits on the number of children you can have?

How would you solve China’s population problem?



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