How will you be able to start saving?.

Write a MINIMUM 2 page paper on the following topics:

1. Using the monthly budget worksheet, where does your money go & do you need to work on any spending patterns from what you see? How will you be able to start saving? Does your current monthly budget take into account the 50/30/20 rule?

2. What kind of loan do you have?  What is the interest rate? Or is it a deferred interest loan? Now that you know some terms and ideas about financial aid and student loans, do you feel that you can take charge of your debt after college? 

It is up to you to put personal information in this paper (it is not required), but I want to learn about your discovery about managing budgets and loans. If you do not have loans, I want you to write about what you have learned about loans, credit cards, interest rates in general – this is good to know for the future, i.e., mortgage, car, home improvement projects, etc. 

How will you be able to start saving?



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