How do the authors of your textbook define research?.

In Discussion Forum 1, post your response to the following discussion questions. Reply to at least two classmates’ responses by the date indicated in the Course Calendar.

  1. How do the authors of your textbook define research? What are the characteristics of research?
  2. In what way is each of the articles listed below an example of research? Be specific.
  3. According to Leedy and Ormrod, one of the first steps in research is defining the core research problem and subproblems. What are the critical points relating to problem definition? Why are these points important?
  4. Write your (tentative) research problem statement. Clearly define your key terms so anyone reading your statement will understand exactly what you mean (e.g., if you want to evaluate salaries between men vs. women sales associates, how do you define salaries—hourly pay, pay plus bonuses, pay plus bonuses plus extra holidays? You decide, just be clear.).
  5. Does your problem statement address the critical points for a clear problem definition you listed under item C?

Please use these articles as references only:,_Jeanne_Ellis_Ormrod%5D_Practical_Res(

How do the authors of your textbook define research?



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