history of immigration from China to Canada until 1900.. Topic: history of immigration from China to Canada until 1900.


BP1: Why they came to Canada (Gold Rush)

BP2: What positive impact after they came to Canada

BP3: How they get the social identity in Canada


The research paper assignment is an opportunity for students to research and write about a theme of their choice in the history of race and ethnicity in Canada to 1900. There are two components to the research paper assignment.  Students are required to submit a research proposal and a working annotated bibliography.  Your proposal should be 100-200 words (double spaced) and provide a clear description of the theme or focus of your research paper.  What do you want to learn about? What questions do you want to answer? The bibliography should list a minimum of the five non-course-based academic secondary sources (books, book chapters, journal articles, etc.) and provide a short description of each title demonstrating how each will contribute to your research.  For citations and bibliography, students are required to follow the History Department Style Guide: https://www.uvic.ca/humanities/history/assets/docs/styleguide.pdf

history of immigration from China to Canada until 1900.



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