Foreign Policy Problems and Solutions.

Foreign Policy (On-line activity) Problems/Solutions

Solutions to problems should Improve systems and better serve people

Directions: Select any THREE American Foreign Policy tools listed below. For each tool complete the following:

1. Describe why the implementation of this policy tool presents itself as a challenge to the United States

2. Discuss the positive effects of implementation of this policy citing specific historical examples

3. Discuss the negative effects of implementation of this policy citing specific historical examples

4. Compare and evaluate -make a case (using specific research evidence to support your argument) for one or more alternative solutions to successfully implementing the foreign policy tool to which you have been assigned

Foreign Policy Tools

1. Protect domestic food, energy and infrastructure from threats

2. Physical security of Americans from foreign threats

3. Contain/eliminate Non-State Actors 

4. Promote/protect economic prosperity

5. Isolationism

6. Deterrence

7. Appeasement

8. Diplomacy/International organizations

9. Humanitarian 

10. Preemption

Foreign Policy Problems and Solutions



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