financial concepts to analyze a real company..

This project is where you would have to use your understanding of financial concepts to analyze a real company. It should be organized like a professional report. Report should be approximately 10 pages (including cover page and references) double-spaced using 12pt sized font, including tables and references.

As a general guideline in doing the above analysis you should focus on the following aspects:

  • Financial Statement Analysis:
    Find the financial statements of your selected company and analyze its financial ratios.
  • Valuation:
    Cash Flows, growth pattern, any special project that company is heavily dependent upon.
  • Risk and Return:
    What is the risk profile of your company? (How much overall risk is there in this firm? Where is this risk coming from (market, firm, industry or currency)? How is the risk profile changing? What is the performance profile of an investment in this company? What return would you have earned investing in this company’s stock? Would you have under or out-performed the market? How much of the performance can be attributed to management? How risky is this company’s equity? Why? What is its cost of equity? How risky is this company’s debt? What is its cost of debt? What is this company’s current cost of capital?
  • Changes in stock prices and returns:
    Record opening, closing, high and low prices on a daily basis. Analyze any major swings in prices whether they are driven by any company specific event or are market driven. For example, most companies might fall because of a major issue (think of Greek crisis) or a company might fall because it was caught offering a bad product (e.g. Lumber Liquidators)

financial concepts to analyze a real company.



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