explain whether you prefer the representation of the Last Supper by  Leonardo da Vinci.

Week 10 discussion


Thinking out  loud:  Faith and Freedom in the Arts:   This  week we focus on chapters 19 and 20.  There are three subjects for  discussion given below—just choose and do one. We discuss Shakespeare  and the literary device of soliloquy—just think if you could hear the  thoughts of your co-workers!  We discuss different versions of Last  Supper paintings—just like any business approach or marketing concept—a  similar subject can be presented in such different ways.  We discuss  also freedom of expression—is an artist really absolutely free, but  should those constraints include law and severe punishment?

Below are THREE possible subjects—choose just one of them (your choice as to which one) and do your MAIN POST replying to that one.  Please respond, using  the class text and other sources under the Explore heading as the basis  of your response—and citing the pages and website(s) used. 


SUBJECT ONE:  Read the two soliloquies from Shakespeare’s  Hamlet in  our text (3rd edition) on pp. 654-655 (for 2nd edition, see pp.  642-3).  They are Readings 19.11a and 19.11b.   Consider the extent to  which you sympathize with Hamlet and/or think he is self-absorbed.  Explain the manner in which the literary form of soliloquy shapes your  view of Hamlet. Identify one (1) or two (2) lines (except “To be, or not  to be”) that you find interesting or favor, and explain your choice.  Compare this to any specific modern leader who has faced a crisis.

SUBJECT TWO:   Using the EXPLORE items listed below (as well as the text), explain whether you prefer the representation of the Last Supper by  Leonardo da Vinci, Veronese, or Tintoretto, identifying specific  elements of the Renaissance and Mannerist artistic styles (use the class  text to inform you on those styles) found in each of these. Identify  which version of the Last Supper seems  to you to be more historically realistic and why, and explain whether  historic realism or communicating a message is more important.

SUBJECT THREE:   Discuss whether you would have sided with Veronese or with Inquisition  court, considering the issues of artistic freedom, rights of the patron  (who also owned the property), and appropriate subject matter. Provide a  rationale for your response. Use chapter 20 as your primary source on  this, but see all the related  EXPLORE items also. Describe a SPECIFIC  real modern situation where similar issues arise, like a controversial  film, a professor with controversial views, a business owner expressing a  religious opinion in public, a business owner who has an employee who  is “just different”, etc.

explain whether you prefer the representation of the Last Supper by  Leonardo da Vinci



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