Evaluating the challenges, opportunities and future perspectives of Big data analytics in supply chain management.

 my request for thesis writing. I texted you yesterday regarding the thesis on “Evaluating the challenges, opportunities and future perspectives of Big data analytics in supply chain management”. This is my wife’s thesis, she is currently in the last term of her MBA.I’ve heard about you before from a friend, I was going to write this thesis but I don’t have enough time to do so.
There are two routes of writing thesis: Research and consultancy: She has picked consultancy and the details entitled with it are attached below in a doc called “Assessment details”
She also made a rough thesis structure which I have attached below for reference of research questions and other necessary information of past papers.
The problem is that she is not sure how to move further as her tutor doesn’t want a review of the topic he wants some sort of research.
Currently she is just supposed to submit the first and the second chapter i.e. 1. Introduction, research questions and hypotheses2. Literature review
Which i would like to start with first and would want it by 4th of June 2021 (JUST TWO CHAPTERS).I have already written chapter 1 but I would like you to review it in the thesis structure and make necessary changes if you feel like making any.
Please note that the entire thesis is supposed to be around 10,000 words and I would like you to consider that count as such the other chapters are also going to be written by you 🙂
Her second submission is on 6th of July then for chapter 3 & 4.
A very important thing is what i have mentioned below:

Consultancy Report (HER THESIS)

The consultancy report should be 10,000 words and international in its scope (each section could be ideally be 2,000 words).

Although consultancy projects aim to develop satisfactory business solutions, rather than academic evidence, this does not mean that a consultancy project is detached from academic methods. A consultancy project also requires a literature review combing academic literature and industry reports, a description of the empirical methods used, a data analysis, and a conclusion summarizing the findings and providing recommendations for the business. Therefore, it is shares similarities with an academic dissertation. For in further information, please have a look at the assessment criteria and the chapter descriptions of above.

As an example of report structure for a strategic review, the final project report would include:

I.          Executive Summary / Project Overview (a 2,000-word, summary that can be sent to the client)

II.         Literature Review / Intelligence Gathered (combination of academic studies and industry reports)

III.        Methodology

IV.        Data  presentation, evidence , analysis  and  discussion (identify and discuss possible solutions

and their trade-offs)

V.         Conclusions and Recommendations (in depth discussion of the preferred solution)

Bibliography and Reference List

Appendices (Ethics requirements: the participant information sheet and ALL collected consent

forms; questionnaire or interview guide)


Evaluating the challenges, opportunities and future perspectives of Big data analytics in supply chain management



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