Discuss the substantial mark some people placed on the sport. .

Research the internet (choose sources with care), books and journals for information on the complete “genealogy” of your chosen sport.

I chose Weight lifting


Explain your answers in full detail (Who; What; Where; When; How; and examples) and in complete sentences. Check your grammar, spelling and punctuation (points will be deducted). In-text citations must be used but not overused.

The document must contain the following sections/chapters (must be numbered):

1) Who invented the sport? Where did the sport start? When? Are there multiple theories?

2) Discuss the original purpose of the sport. Basically, explain why it was started.

[e.g. religion, entertainment, fun, training, etc.]

3) How has the sport changed/evolved? Discuss similarities and differences in the sport

(e.g. rules, equipment, organization, popularity and participation [rich/poor; men/women] etc.).

4) What are the significant competition(s) associated with the sport? Discuss when and why

they were established. [e.g. Local, National, International, major championships]

5) Discuss the substantial mark some people placed on the sport.

(e.g. top players, innovators, owners, persons who popularized the sport, etc.)

6) What does the future hold for this sport? [e.g. fan interest, rule changes, etc.]

7) One question of your own (related to the sport). Research and answer.


Incorporate a “References” section at the end of the document with at least three “REPUTABLE” references.

All references and in-text citations must be in APA style.

DO NOT use Wikipedia or Blogs.

Discuss the substantial mark some people placed on the sport. 



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