Discuss the pros and cons of self-managed teams. 1. Discuss the pros and cons of self-managed teams. Do they produce better results than traditional management methods for the company, customers and employees? What are a few of the methods or technologies that are used by self-managed teams? For example,  Scrum and collaborative systems.

Submit a two to three page paper in APA format. Include references and in-text  citations.( RUNNING HEAD :MGT311)

2. Anxiety disorders and depressive disorders are the top disorders diagnosed among children and adolescents. What role do you think social media, such as Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook plays in the development of these disorders? If you do not believe that social media plays any role in the high level of diagnoses among this population state what you think does contribute to this disorder in children and adolescents.( 400 to 500words )(RUNNING HEAD PSY101)

3. Define the biopsychosocial perspective of the development of any mental health disorder.
REQUIREMENT: 100 – 200 words 

Discuss the pros and cons of self-managed teams



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