Discuss the benefits and advantages that Islam brought to Black Africa. Requirements for forum responses.

You are to choose one question from the list.

Word Minimum for initial response — 250-300 words.

1.     Based on Locke’s ideology and based on your knowledge of the Declaration of Independence, how much influence does Locke have on Jefferson’s writing? Explain and give Examples.

2.     After reading from Pirie and reviewing the lecture on Political thinkers, discuss Hobbes’ view of the Social Contract. Do we see this type of government today? Give examples.

3.     After reviewing the video and the reading of the Glorious Revolution, discuss why this revolution was not a bloody revolution as we know the majority of revolutions are. What did this revolution accomplish? Could we see a modern day Glorious Revolution? Explain and give examples.

4.     Discuss the term absolutism. What type of government is it, who is given power? Are there examples of this today. Give examples.

5.     Discuss the effects science had on the Enlightenment. Examples.

6.     After viewing the short videos and reading from Maddison, on slavery, discuss the following: What is slavery? How long has it been around? Why were they called Chattal? Are there examples of slavery today? Examples.

7.     Discuss the misconception of slavery as per the video. Also discuss the numbers of slaves that were brought to the New World, Brazil, Haiti and the US. What are your thoughts on the numbers? Give examples.

8.      Discuss the benefits and advantages that Islam brought to Black Africa. Give Examples.

9. Explain Portugal’s effect on Africa. Why were they there, what did they do and how did they change the lives of Africans? Examples.

10. Discuss how Europeans (other than Portugal) and Muslims, with their migration into Africa, effect the people and the continent. Explain and examples.

11. Maddison discusses Islam in Africa; he also gives a brief background of Islam. He discusses the differences between those under Islamic rule and those under Roman Rule. Discuss two of the advantages of being ruled by Muslims.

Discuss the benefits and advantages that Islam brought to Black Africa



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