Discuss how the data would be analyzed.. Instructions

In this unit, you will develop a research proposal as if you were going to conduct a full research project. In each section, you will include content related to areas that have been introduced and discussed throughout the course and will use one of the databases that you have used with previous submissions.

For this unit, please address the following items:

  • Revisit the link below and select any degree, program,      and state combination that you would like as long as there are at least 10      schools/universities total. Since the topic of this course is public      administration, be sure to exclude private schools and focus on public      organizations.
  • Discuss the means in which the information was or was      likely acquired and whether or not you think that it is valid and reliable      for your project.
  • Select an additional research area/characteristic of      this population that you are interested in learning about that is not      readily available (satisfaction with the program, hours spent on      schoolwork per week, etc.).
  • Discuss a method that you would likely use to acquire      information on the topic, and include your method (e.g., survey) as well      as a rationale for including each component (e.g., a rationale for      including each survey question). You should include at least eight items      or questions.
  • Discuss how the data would be analyzed. (For      quantitative, possibly via finding simple means. For qualitative, via      coding and related practices.)
  • Select one of the College Scorecard variables (annual      cost, graduation rate, salary) with which to compare your new additional      research area/characteristic.
  • Discuss the test of statistical significance that you      think would be best in determining the relationship between the two      variables. Be sure to include such items as confidence levels into your      discussion and to account for possible disparities in data into your      discussion.
  • Discuss internal validity associated with your chosen      research methods and possible threats that may be present as well as      methods to minimize these threats.
  • Discuss external validity associated with your chosen      research methods and possible threats that are present as well as methods      to minimize these threats.
  • Discuss how to maintain ethical standards in research      in public administration organizations.

Remember that you are not actually collecting the data or making analysis but are, instead, discussing the techniques that you would incorporate in this portion of your proposal

Discuss how the data would be analyzed.



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