Discovering the American Past: A look at the Evidence. 3 pages essay i need this by Thursday, December 12, 2019, 1:50 pm (EST)

I will be providing you reading for this assignment in the attachment.

Papers should be double spaced and printed in 12pt. font (Times New Roman).

First, you have to know that this assignment you do not Research anything you just have to read and give your opinion on the reading such as you have to think like a historian and try to answer historical questions by analyzing evidence and offering their argument (thesis) based on the evidence.

To write this essay:

1. find the question/problem posed at the beginning of each  chapter in “The Problem” section.  Your answer to this question(s) will become the thesis of your essay.

2. Read “the background” (you will see it on the top right of the paper) section to gain some context.

3. Keeping the question/ problem in mind, read the primary source evidence offered in”The evidence” section (you will see it on the top right of the paper). You will need to read the primary sources more than once.

4. Think about the primary source of evidence. Your Job is to use the primary source evidence to develop an answer to the question/ problem. That answer becomes your thesis.

5. state your thesis in a brief introductory paragraph.

6. the rest of your essay should, in clear, clean, and concise prose, support your thesis with evidence (from the primary sources ) and analysis.

7. Remember: it is not necessary for you to consult any outside sources. DAP has compiled the sources for you. Also remember: you are making and supporting an argument; you are not writing a summary of the evidence or of the material in “the background” section.

8. when you quote, cite the source in a footnote. Historians use the Chicago citation style; that is what you should use. Microsoft word will do much of the work for you. A bibliography is not required.


Chicago -style footnotes :

As an example: If Anne Hutchinson said something on page 51 in the Reading which is called DAP that you would like to quote as evidence, the footnote would look like this :

Anne Hutchinson, in William Wheeler and Lorn Glover, Discovering the American Past: A look at the Evidence, 8th ed (Boston: Cengage learning, 2012), 51.

If you later quoted Governor Winthrop from DAP, (which is the reading from the book like the one i have attached ) the footnote would look like this

Governor John Winthrop, in Wheeler and Glover,53.

(Note that this is shorter. You do not have to give a full citation- with authors’ first name,title, publishing information – for a source you have already cited )

Discovering the American Past: A look at the Evidence



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