Developing Time Management Skills.

Respond to two peer posts.   Consider the advice they shared and whether you have used the same time management technique.  Share a personal experience where you did or did not manage time well, and ask whether your peer has ever faced a similar challenge.

#1 post

After reading Beverly D. Flaxington’s article “Developing Time Management Skills” on Psychology Today (, I came to realize that setting your priorities straight is the key to success. My problems managing time stem from my active family keeping me busy with day to day tasks, my job, and my lack of rest. I get so busy with my daily routine, that when I come home from a long day of work or I finally get a break at home, I hardly have the energy to tackle my to do list. That being said, the article I read mentions the folly of relying on to do lists by stating “To-do lists are extremely popular, but unfortunately, they don’t work very well. This is because they don’t take into account what matters most to you, your values, and your priorities. They’re often just lists of all of the things you need to attend to. When you look at the list and just do whatever is next, it can drag you into dealing with menial and mundane tasks or things that demand your immediate attention but have no real impact on your future” (Flaxington, 2015). So, some of the suggestions the article gives in helping with your time management skills is to accomplish your major priorities first and to organize them by breaking down the tasks into multiple steps. After that, “the rest will hopefully fall into place” (Flaxington, 2015). I honestly don’t use any of the tips in “Building a Critical Skill: Managing your Time,” on p. 225 because I procrastinate, am unorganized, and sometimes too shy to ask for help. I’d rather soldier on and not bother anyone than ask for help for the most part. If I could give any piece of advice to an incoming student about time management, it would be to get your day started early and don’t be afraid to sacrifice sleep from time to time to achieve your goals. You spend a third of your life sleeping, you’ll be fine if you only get a few hours of sleep.


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#post 2

According to Psychology Today, to manage our time, it is important for us to set a clear goal (2021). In 1970s, people used the ABC prioritization method, which they decided A job as the most important one, B job as the middle-important one, and C job as the least important one. Compared with that time, recent people have a huage amount of what to do and obstacles. Therefore, it is difficult for them to manage their tasks and time. To avoid poor time management, they have to set their working environment as it ia easier for them to work. If they like a clean desk, they should make the desk clean. Of course, it is okay that people have the messy desks, but the goal is to improve their productivity or efficiency. Also, to accomplish all work, it is not good for them to reduce their sleeping time or overwork. It is not improving efficiency. Time management is that within the limited time, people make an effort to accomplish what to do as much as possible. In the case of me, now, I have three part-time job, one internship, and this course’s assignment, so time management is very important. At the beginning of every week, I always decide what I will do each day considering from how long does it take and the deadline of the assignments. It is important for me to decide to prioritize one thing the most each day. Also, I set one day as a day-off, so even if I do not accomplish one thing on the decided day, I can do it on the day-off. According to Susa, one of time management tips is “create time management goals” (2021). I always use this tip. My goal is to accomplish all the assignments and work, and I get the good salary and get the grade A. Setting goal is very important for time management, because if I have a goal, I can enjoy doing all things as if I try to accomplish my missions. Therefore, I recommend this tip to others.


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Developing Time Management Skills



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