conduct an observation of a child in early childhood..

You will conduct an observation of a child in early childhood. The observation should be 10 minutes in length. During this time, you can complete the Observation Chart, to report their observational findings. This chart does not need to be submitted but will assist the student in completing the report. You will then apply these observations to their understanding of the child’s physical, psycho-social, and language/cognitive development. The purpose is to connect the observations with developmental theory. The information gathered from the Observation Chart will be used to complete a Child Observation Report for early childhood. The observations and related theories will be compiled and put in paragraph form. Each paragraph will cover both observations and theory for a given developmental area (Physical, Psych-Social, and Language/Cognitive). Each report should be double-spaced.

You helped me out of my previous one and the professor said to expand some more on theory in tall the domains. Remember that for each observation, you want to have a specific theory to connect it to

conduct an observation of a child in early childhood.



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