China’s investment in Africa..

Assignment Description: In this discussion assignment, students will watch a video about China’s investment in Africa. After watching the video, students will answer a total of TWO questions (ONE selected from #1 to #3; Question #4 is mandatory for all students). Submit your response to the three questions as your original thread/post; then return to the topic and participate in a discussion following the discussion rules below. Facts from the video are particularly important.

Discussion rules: You must first watch video before you submit a post (answers to 3 questions). You will then return and participate in a discussion forum.

The Process:

1) ) Three posts are required for full credit: 1) Your original post – You must start your own thread by submitting your answers to the questions selected. You will not be able to see others’ posts until you submit your first post. Your original post MUST BE DETAILED – at least 75-100 words but not exceeding 150 words. 2) Two more responses reacting to posts submitted by others in the class. Responses to others must be respectful and positive even when you do not agree. You are not allowed to qualify other students’ responses (“great job Jacob; Excellent Jane, etc, etc…” – that’s my job! You must response to their substance.

2) Save your original response in your computer or email it to yourself – just in case it does not record.

3) Responses should reflect a thought process, therefore, must be detailed.

ANSWER MUST CONTAINSpecific issues mentioned in the video, names of people in the video, places and institutions mentioned, facts mentioned, etc.

Video title: How Africa is Becoming China’s China

Duration: 10 min. 47 sec.


Questions: In your initial thread/post, you are to answer a total of TWO questions: ONE question from the list of three; and question 4 which is MANDATORY for all students.

1)What exactly are China’s motives/interests in its massive investment in Africa? List at least four interests citing evidence of specific projects including names of projects and countries mentioned in the video. (What’s in it for China?)

2) According to the video, what do African countries expect to gain from China’s investment in the continent? List THREE main benefits of Chinese investment in Africa to African countries (What’s in it for Africa?) Is this expectation realistic?

3) China is currently investing massively in Africa particularly in highway construction, mega stadiums, high-speed rail, resource extraction especially minerals and oil, building ports and harbors, dams, airports, fancy shopping malls, city skyscrapers, etc. Why is this bad for Africa? If African countries MUST seek China’s help, what areas would be smart to prioritize (over infrastructure which they can do for themselves)?List three areas they should be prioritizing with China’s help.


4) Should the United States (and other industrialized nations of the World) be concerned about China’s investment activities in Africa? Why do you say so? Cite evidence from video.

Remember: Your original post/thread must be at least 75-100 words but not exceeding 150 words.

China’s investment in Africa.



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