Checklist for Migration Project and Presentation.

Checklist for Migration Project and Presentation

*I need this completed by Wednesday Afternoon the latest. I have also attached some sources that I have found online** 

1. 30 annotated slides minimum

2.  YOU must have FIVE primary sources, FIVE secondary sources, NO more than TWO internet sources.

3. Origins and history behind the migration group

4. Its location and physical setting of where the migration comes from and go to

5. Important data and statistics concerning the migrating group

6. Those things that make the migration unique

7. Problems created by the migration

8. Impact on the environment and the society that the migration goes to

9. Why did you choose this migrating group?

10.  What was a new dimension of this migration did you discover while doing the project?

Proposal for presentation :

Intercontinental Migration within Africa

Urbanization has been one of the defining issues for the world. It is migration that is an important aspect in terms of urban growth. When migration of Africans is being discussed, it is often viewed that Africans mainly migrate out of their home country because there is nothing there for them. This is related to the view of Africa as a 3rd world country without any advances toward urbanization. But, the bulk of African migration occurs within the continent. With this presentation, I would like to focus on West Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa intra regional migration and movements. Major destination countries within Africa are Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Cote d’Ivoire. Under the push-pull models, Africans are pushed out of their home country because of poverty, unemployment and, disasters to name a few. They are pulled towards major destination cities because of opportunity, stability, safety, and freedom.

This topic is extremely interesting to me because I would like to understand Africa not as a country that does not have much but rather as a country that produces opportunities within the continent. Africa has made several strides towards urbanization despite what others may think. I would love to present Africa and it’s migration patterns in a different light. I want to present it to the class so that they can also receive a better understanding. I typically gravitate towards Africa because being African American I often search for information to better understand where I come from. This presentation topic will do just that for me. I can research information that is different than what is usually taught in school.

Checklist for Migration Project and Presentation



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