Charismatic vs. Transformational Leadership.

Charismatic vs. Transformational Leadership

For this submission, provide the third section of the research project.

Your submission should include at the least, six pages of analysis.

I have selected two leaders one Jeff Bezos who is known to be an effective leader and Martin Winterkorn who is an ineffective leader. These two leaders should be captured in this assignment.

Complete and submit the following to this assignment:

· Title page

· Leader Communications (Chapter Six) – give examples of how your leaders communicated

· Charismatic vs. Transformational Leadership (Chapter Nine) – discuss whether your leaders practiced charismatic or transformational leadership

· References

You are submitting your paper as a draft to Turnitin so that you can check the originality report, but your paper will not be stored in the Turnitin repository at this time. Use this opportunity to ensure you are submitting content using original content and formatted according to current APA guidelines.

Charismatic vs. Transformational Leadership



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