Annotated Bibliography. Literature Review: Part 2 – Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Using the topic retention management, you will create an annotated bibliography that is at least 6 full and complete pages of original discussion and narrative–excluding the title page and reference list– that utilizes at least 8 scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals, published within the past 5 years. Once approved by the instructor, these 8 articles may be used again on the Literature Review: Part 3 – Final Submission Assignment.

References may not come from websites, blogs, newspapers, books, textbooks, dictionaries, conference proceedings, magazines, dissertations or theses.

General format and sequence

Title page Body of paper: This main section will consist of the annotations for all eight articles.

Begin each annotation with a complete reference for the article, just as it will appear on the reference list.

The annotation (short description) for each reference must include all of the following questions (2-3 complete paragraphs total per article):

o    A summary of the article and how it fits in the topic chosen to research.

o    A discussion of the depth of the article; sufficiently comprehensive? Too broad, or too narrow?

o    An explanation of how this research will fit into the Literature Review.

o    A brief description of the authors, their backgrounds, and their qualifications to publish in the field of study.

References Note: Do not submit an abstract for this portion of the Literature Review.


All pages of all assignments, including the title page and reference list, must be double-spaced and typed in 12-point Times New Roman fonts with one-inch margins on all four sides. MS Word files only.  The Annotated Bibliography must meet the standards of the current edition of the APA manual for in-text citations, references, headings, grammar, spelling and mechanics.

Annotated Bibliography



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