Analyze government leadership attributes and traits for efectiveness.

Analyze government leadership attributes and traits for efectiveness


Create a written interview script of questions and answers with a government executive leader of your choice. The interview should be realistic to identify leadership personality traits and attributes that align best with a government environment.

The written paper should include a question with a detailed answer annotated in paragraph form. The interview should include a minimum of 10 questions with interview answers that are specific to government executive leadership.

Consideration of the interview questions should include the following:

  • Define the role the government executive leader plays in the organization.
  • Determine the primary responsibilities of the government executive leader.
  • Identify the management functions (planning, leading, organizing, and controlling) the executive is involved with most often, and least often.
  • Ask the government executive leader how their role is different from other government management.

Support your assignment with at least five scholarly resources. 5 pages

Analyze government leadership attributes and traits for efectiveness



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