a case study of an observed study in a public administration context..

Students will take part in 4 Discussions in which you will conduct a case study of an observed study in a public administration context.  The analysis will be based upon the concepts you learned and discussed in the previous module’s essay assignment, writing 450-500 words in the initial thread.  For the case study, students are welcome to cite a scholarly source, but if they do, it must not be merely a theoretical/philosophical discussion.  Instead, whatever source is used for the actual case study must focus on a real-world public administration situation that is being discussed and analyzed in the chosen article.  Students will in turn apply concepts discussed in the previous module/week’s essay to analyze the situation, in addition to the required reading and presentations from the current module/week.  Remember: it will be important to do both!


Then, students will post replies of 200–250 words each to 2 classmates’ threads. Each reply must be unique and must integrate ideas (and citations) from the required reading.  Reply comments must engage the case study observations made by classmates and must bring to light concepts from the required reading from the current module/week as well as additional reading. Thus, merely posting the same reply in 3 places is not sufficient and may be treated as a form of academic misconduct. The original thread must incorporate ideas and citations from all the required readings and presentations for that module/week in addition research from two scholarly sources. The reply posts must also integrate ideas and citations from the required readings and presentations for the module/week, as appropriate, and at least two scholarly sources.


·  File attachments are prohibited because they may slow readings. See the grading rubric for specific guidelines and grading procedures.


·  450-500 words

·  Ideas and citations from all the required reading and presentations from the Module/Week

·  Ideas and citations from two scholarly sources

·  Case study of a real public administration situation related to the concepts discussed in the prior week.


  • Fischer: Lessons 2, 3
  • Shafritz & Hyde: chs. 13, 41
  • Presentation Lesson 2—Individual Behavior in the Organization
  • Presentation Lesson 3—Motivation in the Workplace
  • Article: “The Ethics and Politics of Torture”
  • Article: The Uses of Literature in the Exploration”
  • Article: “Is’s and Ought’s After Sixty Years”
  • Website: The U.S. Department of the Interior Ethics Laws
  • Website: The U.S. Office of Government Ethics

a case study of an observed study in a public administration context.



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